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News - InnoMax Leading The Way In Air Sleep

The InnoMax "Big Kahuna" 9500 Duvet Top Features Green Friendly Bamboo & Latex!
One plus one can indeed equal three! Especially when you add an eco-friendly wellness philosophy together with InnoMax’s Digital Air Support System creating the newly designed, sleek and sophisticated Comfort Craft Line. InnoMax breaks new ground with Advanced Digital Air Support, so precise it measures the settings in digitized readouts legitimizing a medically credible millimeters of Mercury surface pressure. These readings are a true reflection of the actual pressure being applied to the body. This is the same technology utilized by the medical field for developing low skin to surface air support applications. Doctors have long understood that pressure greater than 32 MmHg can restrict capillaries and impede blood flow. With InnoMax’s Luxury Support Digitized Controller, you can also start at the “Doctor Recommended—can’t even feel the bed under you” comfort level.

Advanced Eco-Friendly Designs InnoMax advances to the next step in combining healthful air support and accuracy with great wellness choices in fantastic new mattress designs creating an industry first in design, function and consumer benefits. The Comfort Craft 5500 captures the popularity of Natural Latex, zoned for straight line sleep posture and encapsulates the sleeper with an Aloe Vera skin friendly surface. You can go “green” with its complementary biodegradable, wood foundation. InnoMax then eliminates the “what do I do” problem of a choice in visco or numeric sleep with the Comfort Craft 7500, featuring air sleep and 3” of InnoMax’s trademarked and specially formulated Memory Cell®. This is now a “best of both worlds, two beds in one”, solution to the difficult decision for the confused consumer and for the retailer who is looking for a total success story. The entire comfort experience is topped off nicely with InnoMax’s famous “PetMe™” ultra-luxurious faux mink cover that is irresistible for even the most finicky consumers. The pinnacle of the line is the “Big Kahuna” or the Comfort Craft 9500. This high profile free floating Euro top is the end-all when it comes to wellness. With a bigger than life profile, the Comfort Craft 9500 capitalizes on the consumer popularity of the “bigger beds being even better” concept. The Euro top utilizes bamboo, nature’s long lasting, rapidly renewable all natural antiseptic combined with multi-zoned latex for a refreshing night’s slumber. Flip the top over for a completely new experience featuring InnoMax’s Memory Cell® and Cool Plus™ temperature neutral fabric. Adjustability, rotatabilty, and everything but the kitchen sink in natural and space-aged comfort choices. “The sell through on this model has already been incredible” states Mark Miller, President of InnoMax. “The feel and adjustability are comparable to none. The dealer’s biggest concern has been how much they want to retail it for”.

Over 3 Decades in Specialty Air Sleep InnoMax has been building beds for the health of it for 33 years and a quick review of their latest engineering will assure they are no stranger to leading looks, feel and value that sells and sells. For more information or to discuss availability and flooring specials call 1-800-INNOMAX.

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