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News - InnoMax Launches Just Add Water Campaign

Retro Oak Hardside, Lightweight Softside and New Age Frame Free!
Flotation sleep has been around since the height of the Egyptian empire, but did not reach its popularity peak until the 1980's. Once thought of as an eclectic novelty for the hippy culture, the benefits of this unique sleep surface swept the nation and for many years, the traditional hardsided waterbed could be purchased in retail stores on seemingly every corner. However, since the heyday of the waterbed, the ability for consumers to easily find these products has steadily declined, while the actual unit sales of replacement components have remained quite strong.

The enthusiasm the waterbed consumer has for the product is unmatched in the bedding industry. It can be argued that the current state of the flotation sleep market is a direct result of the retailer's misunderstanding of the proper sales and service techniques, rather than a lack of consumer interest. Many factors have led conventional and specialty retailers to shy away from selling waterbed components and flotation systems. Unlike an innerspring mattress, a flotation system requires much more involvement from the sales and support staff for the consumer to achieve maximum benefit of the product. In the 70's and 80's the demand was so great that many dealers took the easy route to high profits and little regard for the future. The result was an undereducated consumer who became frustrated and spent the next two decades promoting the myths and fallacies surrounding flotation sleep. This only served to hasten the retreat of the retailers.

InnoMax Corporation is a leader in promoting the benefits of specialty sleep and focuses heavily on flotation. The facts are clear. Flotation is a healthy and naturally supportive sleep surface. The evolution of product development has refined the category to its current state of highly advanced sleep technology. The Frame Free™ Perfections™ Sponge Bed™ allows the full depth flotation lover to utilize any modern bedroom furnishing style and sizing, without losing the comfort and support of their wood frame bed. The unique M-Rail™ design allows for the greatest sleep surface and edge support with a virtually goof proof easy set up. The incredible mid-body support design of the Sponge Bed™ insert chamber eliminates all motion transfer and allows for each sleeper to have individual temperature control for improved circulation, muscle relaxation and sleeping comfort. The attractive Pet Me™ cover is designed for maximum comfort and spinal support when used with the Sponge Bed™, and best of all, the components are easily cleaned for a healthier, breathe easy sleep environment. The Frame Free™ Sponge Bed™ from InnoMax takes the teeth right out of the bite of all of the waterbed myths that have been perpetuated over the years. With the addition of the Drain Hero Complete Waterbed Kit, everything the consumer needs for total flotation enjoyment is packaged together for an easy, turnkey solution. The customer is extremely happy and the retailer is poised to capture a large portion of the exciting flotation sleep marketplace.

The repeat foot traffic in the showroom is phenomenal once the word gets out that you are the only local source for waterbed supplies and accessories. The only thing you need to do is….Just Add Water! Just Add Water to your product mix and you'll be pleasantly surprised that “the water is fine” once you take the initial plunge! For more information on how to capitalize on this market or to put any left over myths to rest, call your representative today!

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