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News - Focus On Innovation - Spotlight On Sponge!

Picture 1: Pet Me™ Sponge Bed™ Design Facilitates Demonstrating 3 Distinct Feels In 1 King Slot!
Picture 2: Sponge Bed™ Au'Natural (right) with Plus 1.5" and Ultra 3" Comfort Top Options (left).
InnoMax - whose name is derived from “Maximum Innovation” - lives true to their name sake with the all new, never before seen, introduction of the Sponge Bed™. After two years of extensive testing, development, and consumer approved refinements, InnoMax brings to the marketplace a product so comfortable it is sure to change the way consumers and retailers approach sleep. Before its market introduction in Las Vegas, the Sponge Bed™ had been put through an intensive battery of rigorous performance evaluations including some unique criterion that only consumers could create. The end result is a product that actual customers were so eager to own, they moved their recently purchased high end bed to the guest room so they could sleep on the incredible new Sponge Bed™.

The test market results were so overwhelming the InnoMax production team had to substantially increase output over forecasts to keep up with consumer demand. The salespeople involved in the test market of this sleep surface phenomenon reported they loved the fact that the only closing technique needed was to say “you'll need to reserve one today in order to get in line... and we'll have one built just for you!”

“The new Sponge Bed™ by InnoMax isn't for the 'drop & run' retailer”. Mark Miller president of InnoMax states “It's a program as well as a product”, and clarifies his statement by pointing out that a retailer has to be willing to deliver, install and make the bed ready for the consumer - at a level that they take the mint off of the pillow and climb in into bed. Miller states “This product is designed for a retailer who is built to compete by providing full service to his/her customers and is very willing to marry themselves to the end user for complete satisfaction and ease of ownership”. A concept Nordstroms has made us all envious of, and Europe and Japan have long capitalized on for commanding impressively high retail sales dollars. The good news is that putting the right product in the hands of consumers ends the 30 Day comfort woes, and produces amazing referral business. As InnoMax presented their new creation with a watchful eye, even the retailers who scoured the World Market Center in Las Vegas after endlessly shopping stated repeatedly “This is the most comfortable bed at the show!

“InnoMax's Perfection™ Sponge Bed™" is like candy on a stick for consumers who just want to come over and pet it” Miller states “that's why our irresistible cover has been trademarked the PetMe™ cover”! It's fun to have a showroom where everybody is standing in line to come pet and lay down on this new bed. The Sponge Bed™ by InnoMax is unique in its 3-Beds in one design - maximizing showroom opportunity with the absence of SKU's or lost selling space. The Perfection™ Frame Free™ Sponge Bed™ is available in what InnoMax fondly calls Au'Natural or with a 1.5” or 3” original Memory-Cell® (another InnoMax produced & formulated product) Comfort Top. Miller likes to equate the Comfort Top with a warm stack of homemade buttermilk pancakes – they are great plain - but a slice of butter never hurts and two is even better!

When asked why this product is not well suited for the 'drop & run' retailer, Miller states “Sponges work better and like to be wet. This means we have to get water from the sink to the bed. Just as my hot tub works better with water, our new Sponge Bed™ performs best when damp. I won't get rid of my hot tub because of water and if one of the two of them had to go... it certainly wouldn't be my Sponge Bed™”. Miller goes on to point out “Retailers with the marketing savvy to promote high ticket items and the wherewithal to follow through with service stand to profit from a product consumers dearly love and that is not suited for bedding dealers used to dropping a mattress off and running out the door”.

Studies also suggest that natural convection warmth offers as much health derived benefit and deep sleep as do many of the pressure relieving materials promoted in today's specialty categories. The InnoMax Sponge Bed™ one-ups an electric blanket by offering retailers the 1-2 knockout punch of individual sleeper temperature control with numeric digital readout. Promoting energy efficiency, consumer friendly operation and dual adjustability the InnoMax Sponge Bed™ provides deeply satisfying winter warmth and refreshing summer cool for both sleepers.

“There isn't an introduction in today's marketplace” says Miller “that combines the therapeutic bonus of digital personal temperature control with the incredible contouring support of the Perfection™ Sponge Bed™. As we all know 'it's a digital world' so we weren't about to bring out anything less than our newest technology when it came to introducing our Perfection™ Sponge Bed™. Why fight a too hot - too cold sleep surface experience, when with one can be just right”!

In a world of “Me Too” jump on the bandwagon innovations, most copied - few original, InnoMax is stepping forward as they have for over 31 years with true State-of-the-Art leading edge technology. Retailers with the skills to successfully merchandise high ticket items and the ability to service their customers, to the point the consumers only responsibility is to slip into bed, stand to profit handsomely by selling a sleep product InnoMax will absolutely guarantee is beyond compare.

As you work to improve upon your own success, keep an eye on one of the industry's 'best kept secret' innovators. InnoMax never has, and never will use the dealer's showroom as a test ground. They do the research and make the necessary modifications so you can be assured you are getting a proven market winner the first time, every time.

The world of specialty sleep is truly becoming more special. With mass merchants and 'drop & run' bedding dealers continuing to jump on the band-wagon of specialty sleep industry leader successes like memory material and the like, it is still the unique breed of the specialty retailer and service oriented conventional retailer who has what it takes to capture the magic of these products and can present the consumer with the benefits that will keep them coming back for decades. Fast buck mentality retailers aren't geared for this type of relationship with consumers, it takes a retailer who is interested in long term relationships and has a reliable source of specialty supply. InnoMax is committed to the long term success of specialty sleep retailers and is poised to keep turning out exciting products as they have for the past 3 decades.

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