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News - InnoMax Has Reinvented The Mattress with Convert-A-Bed!

Customize The Feel Of Each Sleeper's Side Of The Mattress with The Incomparable Comfort of Individual Support Modules Available In All Popular Support Options!

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Better Sleep - At first glance you might mistake a new Convert-A-Bed® Hybrid Luxury Support® sleep system for a conventional mattress. The new InnoMax® Convert-A-Bed® sleep system allows you the freedom of customizing the feel of each sleeper’s side of the mattress, plus you’ll enjoy being able to offer a wonderfully diverse family of support choices. All are designed to give any customer that walks through your door a better night’s sleep with personal choice.
Dual Hybrid Support - Inside the thick and luxurious Luxury Support® top, featuring richly appointed Bamboo, Latex, Memory Cell®, Aloe and more, you’ll also find a posturized support grid to ensure the sleeper remains in proper spinal alignment for perfect support from head to toe. The comparisons between a conventional mattress and Luxury Support® end quickly as you demonstrate the hidden secrets of dual hybrid support. The incomparable comfort of individual modules, adjustable from plush to firm, provides your customer the ultimate sleep environment.
The Luxury of Choice - No other mattress today offers you complete duality in all popular support options. Whether they prefer natural latex, space-age Memory-Cell®, temperature controlled fluid support, the touch of a button convenience of air suspension sleep, or a new twist on pocketed coils, the customer can have each side of the bed set to their desired comfort level. The custom application of offering two distinct levels of comfort, support and feel regardless of the support choice is truly a revolutionary breakthrough. Now your customers can customize one mattress choice for their soft-to-firm sleep habits.
Flip-It's Simple - The luxurious support system is neatly tailored in the very sensuous PetMe® fabric that appeals to the tactile impulses of every customer. Each comfort module features one side that is plush while the other is firm support, both clearly marked for consumer convenience. With an easy flip, the client can go from soft to firm, depending on their personal preference. Mama Bear doesn’t have to sleep the same way Papa Bear does, but they now can both be happy in the same bed! What other sleep system can you offer that provides such personalized comfort and domestic tranquility? Imagine how many marriages you can save!
Intelligent Design - InnoMax® builds a bed from the inside out. For strength and durability, all InnoMax® power edged sling rail support systems feature the revolutionary Memory Weave™ for easy assembly and maximum sleeping comfort. For cleanliness and to minimize the possibility of allergenic materials from entering the bed, all Luxury Support® systems feature an internal vapor barrier for peace of mind. The Smart Top® is completely removable providing for refreshable and cleanable comfort night after night. This is truly tension free sleep!
Profitable Comfort - Isn’t it time to top off your bedding line with Duo-Comfort from top to bottom and side to side? Add a Luxury Support® Convert-A-Bed® Hybrid line to change your Bedding Department for the Better! This is almost unfair to your competitors. With Convert-A-Bed®, your customers will find that only you can offer it all!

WARNING: Failure to floor the amazing Convert-A-Bed® Hybrid Support System can be hazardous to your business health.

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