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News - Waterbeds Are Cool! InnoMax Welcomes You To The Future Of Flotation Sleep!

"The Report of My Disappearance Has Been Grossly Exaggerated!" - Mark Twain

From A Profitability Standpoint, You Cannot Find Another Product To Add To Your Line-Up That Will Produce A Higher Return Than Flotation Sleep Systems and Accessories!
Ask any retailer why he carries water and you may be surprised at the answer. “I like the margins, and besides, I sleep on one”. Although the term “waterbed” may get the response “Do people really still sleep on those?” the product has continued to undergo serious refinements and commands a very loyal following. The idea of “bladders” and “bags of water” have gone by the wayside. “Wavy Gravy is indeed dead” says Mark Miller, President of InnoMax a pioneering company that continues to provide innovative development of flotation sleep products.

InnoMax, who produces one of the widest arrays of specialty mattress types in today’s marketplace is also keen to point out the results of the consumer satisfaction survey reported in Furniture Style “Retail Experience” that respondents who invested in waterbed products were 100% satisfied! Miller adds “in review of InnoMax’s 33 years in water and other specialty sleep types, there is no doubt the least problematic category is water; the consumer sleeps happily and is almost always a repeat customer year after year for accessories and care products!”

Today, the term “Waterbed” certainly creates a mixed set of responses, but if you are shooting for 100% of the available specialty sleep options, you’ll be making a mistake by putting water in the by-gone era category. The perceived “hammocking” lack of support of the old bag of water has been vigorously updated and refined to produce designs that feature posturized support with “oatmeal like” firmness. Traditional wood frame products remain a strong profit center for retailers, but the bulk of the sales have transformed into the conventional styled “Lite-fill” models featuring new, energy efficient digital temperature controls with modern bed frames and sleek new looks. From a profitability standpoint, you cannot find another product to add to your line up that will produce a higher return than flotation sleep systems and accessories.

If your sales are plunging, InnoMax suggests you dive into something really different. You may have to sneak Sally in through the back door, but once you put one of the revolutionary new flotation systems on your floor, you’ll have customers with smiles for miles! No one will be more surprised than you by the referrals from your satisfied customers that will reinforce your decision again and again….all the way to the bank!

Water is completely natural. We all begin life in a fluid environment and the most popular vacation spots are always on a sandy beach with the gentle trade winds blowing over the vast deep blue sea with the palms swaying gracefully in a peaceful dance of solitude. Imagine being able to give your customers an overnight vacation every day of the year! They will be sure to send their friends in to see you as well!

Who says the Crazy Mattress Guys are all gone! Just like Mark Twain said… ”The report of my disappearance has been grossly exaggerated”. Give InnoMax a call and come on in, the water is just fine!

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