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News - When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going!

Experience "The Power of One Source" with InnoMax!

InnoMax "America's Finest Sleep Products Since 1975" Is Your One-Stop-Source for All of Your Bedding/Bedroom Needs!
In tough economic times it is important to maximize revenue making opportunities and minimize wasteful expenditures.

While a great many things have changed since InnoMax Corporation opened for business in 1975, a great many things have remained the same. Born under fire in the late 70’s when inflation and interest rates were running rampant, InnoMax has never wavered from their commitment to disciplined fiscal responsibility to facilitate offering better products at better prices and Partnership Marketing tools to give their dealers the competitive edge. Some of the key elements in the InnoMax Partnership Marketing program include working with dealers to maximize revenue making opportunities and minimize the wasteful expenditures inherent in doing business with a large number of suppliers. The just in time supply philosophy actually reduces product costs by eliminating excess inventory, minimizing warehouse space and expense, and maximizes cash flow in a tighter economy.

As the price of shopping increases with gasoline prices over $4.00 per gallon, it is now more important than ever for brick & mortar Retailers to focus on a number of tried and true sales and marketing practices that can produce increased traffic at very little cost to the dealer.

For your peace of mind, InnoMax takes care of everything from inspiration to hundreds of items all designed to help your specialty bedding department prosper. InnoMax also offers “tech support” to assist you to capture imperative market data, track and analyze your existing customer base and discover new avenues to generate more qualified customers that need what you offer.

InnoMax has always been positioned to provide the mission critical products to make the independent retailer successful. The current market conditions make the marketing and business services available from InnoMax as valuable as the dependable American Made products that have been the claim to fame for this innovative supplier. Programs such as web positioning and development, customized advertising creation for all media types, in-store point of purchase tailored to your needs, and Super Pro Sales training to make your staff more successful, are all provided at little or no cost. InnoMax has always followed the dealer driven philosophy of “Your success is imperative to our Success”!

Last but not least, buying right is extremely critical in tough economic conditions. The old saying ‘A Dead Dog Done Deep is Death’ has never been more relevant. Sitting on excess inventory that isn’t moving turns any savings from buying in bulk into lost dollars in short order. With InnoMax inventorying over 2000 SKUs, dealers can purchase fast moving products in only the quantities needed to fulfill customer orders. And, by utilizing the wide variety of InnoMax lines, the high cost of freight can be minimized when adding furniture, sheets, mattress pads, pillows, bed frames and much more to your bedding order. The Power of One Source with InnoMax can also minimize the time, effort, expense, and most of all, the hassle of dealing with too many suppliers. If you would like more time for running your business, instead of it running you, call your InnoMax representative today!

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