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News - Warning: If You're Only Williing To Market/Sell What's Easy, You Might Want To Quit Reading Now.

Studies Suggest That Sleeping In A Precisely Temperature Controlled Environment Offers As Much Health Derived Benefits As Does Pressure Relieving Support.

The Sponge Bed™ Offers The Best Of Both Worlds!
InnoMax is making it easy for you to change your “Business Blueprint” for the better with their new “bust all the old waterbed myths” Sponge Bed™! Simply stated, offering a new Sponge Sleep surface equals nothing but found money and opportunity…opportunity…opportunity!

For those of you who think you don’t need to offer new technology Sponge Support, you might be surprised how you feel after trying it. InnoMax looks for, and only works with, successful retailers who not only don’t fear, but actually hunt for unique marketplace opportunities versus the Status Quo Nuveau. And be advised, sponge technology needs to be dampened with…yes….water. Niche opportunities don’t show up on your door step everyday and if you’re not doing as well as you would like, ridding yourself of a few old conditioned beliefs, such as nobody wants water anything because of waves, weight or bulky wooden frames, could be the best attitude adjustment you make all year!

We recommend that your sales force catches the energy of selling “sponge”. Listening to your customers say “Wow!” all day long will certainly motivate you to promote this extremely comfortable offering and provide the service that, quite possibly, only your business is willing to deliver.

The InnoMax 3 in 1 demonstration process takes the hard sell away. Mark Miller, President of InnoMax recites the age old adage that “if you build a better mousetrap, they beat a path to your door”. Dave Chandler, Marketing Director for InnoMax chimes in “Only if they know about it! It’s an outstanding Cinderella story for Excellent Promoters Only”!

Mark Miller states “Why put a ceiling on your choices? Ultimately the decision to do so only limits your sales. A $20,000-$50,000 increase to your specialty bedding department is meaningful. Why not showcase specialty sleep surfaces with all four wheels on the ground and a couple of spares on board for good measure!” Mark Miller also points out you may have to teach or learn a new sales skill or two, but demonstrating more choices equals greater returns”. Dale Read of Bedroom Magazine states “the specialty mattress category will grow to be 40% of the market”.

If you think you have all of the bases covered, great. If you truly want to build and take care of tomorrow by doing something different today, The Sponge Bed™ from InnoMax is certainly something you will want to try! Call 1-800-InnoMax to get educated on the Perfections Sponge Bed™ today!

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