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News - InnoMax Has More Of What You Need, When You Need It!
News - InnoMax Has More Of What You Need, When You Need It!
Each day the news seems to be more gloom and doom. Entrepreneurs everywhere are facing challenges never seen before. Traditional business models are being tested beyond their ability to adjust and, for some, even exist. It leaves many frustrated retailers wishing they could just find the bottle with the Genie inside!

Yet through it all, there are success stories in the industry. The successful bedding retailers are the ones who maximize their product offerings, reduce costly inventories and stimulate consumer interest with unique marketing campaigns. Did they find the magic bottle? Well, in a way yes. Many of these retailers are loyal InnoMax dealers who have found they can easily modify their business persona by offering products from InnoMax’s extensive lines of Specialty Sleep Systems, featuring the best of all types from Digital Air Sleep and Hi-tech Flotation to high performance Memory Cell® and the innovative Sponge Bed™. They can also consolidate shipping costs on other items such as Made in U.S.A. solid wood furniture, linens, mattress pads, pillows and other bedroom accessories. InnoMax is truly a “one-stop shop” manufacturer that works hard to ensure the dealer’s overall success!

With a tightening economy, retailers from the largest big box operations to the smallest Mom & Pop local store can not afford to make purchasing mistakes. Large inventory commitments of stagnant imported products can kill even the largest company. If it doesn’t move, it was very expensive regardless of the upfront discounted pricing. InnoMax takes the guess work out of your merchandising by offering you fast, reliable shipping on only the blue ribbon products that have been market tested to ensure they are consumer winners! The excitement of adjustable digital sleep continues even in a down market. The pressure relief of Memory Cell® offers the consumer better comfort than the industry leader at a fraction of the price. Sponge Technology is leading many consumers to a unique level of comfort they have never been able to experience before. All of these options and more are available to dealers on a just in time basis. Why not order only sold product that goes from InnoMax right to the customer’s door? Inventory that you never touch is very cost effective!

Minimizing expenses is more important now than ever before. InnoMax works hard on behalf of their dealers to reduce every possible cost, thereby maximizing the dealer’s ability to be the highest value to their consumers. InnoMax has distribution centers strategically located to provide quick delivery of merchandise utilizing transportation services that offer the highest possible discounts. Consolidating different product categories into one shipment allows dealers to lower freight expenses and reduces the number of suppliers the dealer has to do business with. This again reduces accounting and administrative costs.

InnoMax also provides dealers with extensive marketing support and is always working on new product development to add on-going excitement to the marketplace. New products in the InnoMax line include the Bed Wedge, The Chili Pad, upscale bedding from the Linen Resource, with more on the horizon. InnoMax dealers always have something to talk about with their customers!

Having the right products at the right price at the right time is a key to retail success and consumer satisfaction. You don’t need a magic genie to get your business where you want it when you have InnoMax on your team! When you are ready to do it right, call InnoMax at 1-800-INNOMAX!

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