InnoMax Air Chambers - Dual Comfort & Adjustability

European Design Vulcanized 25 Gauge Latex with Cotton Canvas Cover.
Thicker & more durable, the original Euro design of the InnoMax Air Chamber provides a full 6" of air suspension for pressure reduced sleep. The vulcanized process virtually eliminates all seams. The material actually flows together & becomes a one piece construction. Air Chambers are made with natural cotton, bonded to natural latex offering a soft texture and eliminating air leakage.
Double Sealed Borders
The Chamber borders are constructed with a 1.25" seam and reinforced with another 1.25" seam for maximum strength. Double sealing creates a more reliable support system for years of proven longevity and trouble free use.
Double Reinforced
I-Beam Design
Dual sided "I" Beam sealing is actually two layers of canvas with two layers of rubber bonded together joining the top and bottom of the Air Chamber. Where this "I" Beam meets either the top or bottom, the canvas/latex flairs out each way offering heavy-duty holding power for extra strength and years of durable use.
Multi-Directional Box Baffle Design
InnoMax Chambers feature a "square pillow surface" to evenly support the body from head to toe, side to side, & at the edges of the chamber regardless of inflation level for the ultimate in comfort. This design also allows sleeping in the center of the dual models with no sensation of rolling to either the middle or edge and eliminates the fear of improper support caused by hammocking.
Uni-Bonded Chamber/Hose Assembly
By sealing the air hose with special flexible rubber at the time of chamber manufacturing, the entire assembly is a single unit with no external connections to eliminate the concern of air loss, yet retains the full range of movement.
Steel Reinforced Kink Free Air Deployment Hose
The addition of the embedded surgical steel coil provides a more responsive inflation process. The kink free design improves pump life by reducing strain on the motor.
Brass Reinforced Connection Boot
Engineered to assure zero air loss at critical hose/connection juncture and provides a much more durable connection.
Barrel Cam-Lock Inflator Connector
Easy to use barrel connector locks in place to prevent accidental disconnect during use and is not rendered ineffective by dust or pet hair.
Pressure Activated Air Lock Internal Seal
The Twist-N-Lock connector houses the unique seal that prevents the back flow of air allowing the bed to be moved without the need to deflate the chambers.

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