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Versaleg - The Modern, Safe, Affordable Metal Bedframe Alternative

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Versaleg's have been manufactured to be sturdy, durable bed supports to replace unwieldy metal bedframes. And now we're fabricating them from 100% recycled materials. Versalegs are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner, the 2% waste produced can be recycled into other products. Available in 3, 5, 7 or 10 inches, these are the same great bedlegs our customers swear by, with the same weight-bearing strength.

Versalegs are an innovative, modern alternative to the conventional metal bedframe. The Versaleg System easily attaches to the box spring utilizing two components: the threaded base plate and the bed leg. The threaded base plate installs directly onto the box spring and the leg simply screws into the threaded area of the base plate completing the installation. Once the base plate is secured to the box spring using a power screwdriver, consumers can then very easily resize the height of their beds without any tools by simply attaching a different size leg.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, Versaleg's patented bedlegs system has long been established in the hospitality and retail home furnishings and bedding industries.

Creates a safer sleeping environment, no metal or jagged edges to bump into.
Less expensive than metal frames or bases. Save the time and hassle of frame assembly.
Raises or lowers bed height easily and quickly. Lower bed height for kids and seniors; raise it for an elegant European look.
Change and graduate bed height as your needs change.
A superior bed support system, completely eliminates the need for a bedframe and fits all standard size boxsprings.
Bedlegs glide easily; will not harm linens, carpets or hardwood floors.
Allows for easy rotation of box springs, extending mattress life.
More convenient to stock and ship. Can be shipped via UPS.
Lifetime warranty.
Available in Walnut for immediate shipping. Pebble available as special order only.
Available in 3,5,7, & 10-inch legs.
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