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Sanctuary SGL - SF-6 Watermattress
Sanctuary SGL - SF-6 Watermattress
Featuring Premium Performance and Ultimate Sleeping Comfort with:
4-way interior tether system.
Superior mid-body support layers provide added support where the body needs it most, between the shoulder and hips.
Heater compatible black bottom.
Responsive full feather cut stretch top surface.
Dura-life extra strength reinforced corners.
S-flex dielectrically sealed recessed bottom.
2-stage air release valve assists in expelling air bubbles.
22 mil ultra plasticized vinyl for longevity, durability and added suppleness.
Hydro-lift edge support.
9 layer fiber firm interlocking support, for superior support and resilience. Resists packing down over time. Waveless performance with lasting durability.
Promotes the healthiest sleep posture possible.
Mid-body support - additional support through center 3rd of bed, to maximize each sleeper's lower back, unique and specific support requirement.

Available In: King, Queen & Super Single To Download Warranty Information For This Mattress - Click Here.