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Wholesale Dealer Benefits
InnoMax Dealer Advantages & Benefits

Become A Dealer Of America's Finest Sleep Products Today! InnoMax has provided thousands of retailers with exciting and innovative sleep products for over three decades. We provide our dealers with a "One-Stop" source for all their specialty sleep needs. We have a line of over 1000 products and an exclusive and dedicated relationship to over 40 factories amounting to over 200,000 square feet in production capabilities and an exceptional capacity to provide the most diverse product assemblage under one roof.

InnoMax® works with both brick and mortar and internet dealers - this dealer network extends from the smallest start-up home based business to the largest retail operations in the world! Over 200 production associates and hundreds of years of experience is why we have satisfied customers and businesses alike, by meeting their needs beyond their expectations!

InnoMax® prides itself on the depth of experience, product & consumer dedication, professionalism, and the spirit of providing America's Finest Sleep Products® to the marketplace. We have positioned ourselves for over 30 years as an innovator by uncovering, inventing and refining the best possible sleep surfaces available. InnoMax® is alive and well because we stick to doing what we do best, developing and promoting tomorrow's products... today!

From Air Sleep, Coil Support, Fluid Suspension, Memory-Cell®, Latex Support, Adjustable Power Beds as well as our "NEW" Eco-Friendly mattresses, InnoMax® also supplies Sheets, Bedding, Bedroom Accessories and Solid Heirloom Quality Bedroom Furnishings!

With our distribution centers strategically located, we can ship quickly to virtually any location in the country. Also available for dealers who want to minimize their inventory requirements, InnoMax® can easily drop ship your orders directly to your customer's door!

Whether you are interested in expanding your existing product offering or are thinking about starting your own on-line business, InnoMax® is the perfect supplier for you to succeed! If you would like information regarding how you can become a successful InnoMax® dealer, please:
Call 1-800-InnoMax For More Information or Click Here & Submit Your Info:

Power Of One Source eliminates the logistical problems associated with conducting business with multiple suppliers. Administration costs are minimized while business partnerships are maximized. Imagine... "One Supplier" for all your needs!
With our distribution centers strategically located, we can ship quickly to virtually any location in the country! These reliable “Just-In-Time” Quick Ship capabilities eliminate the need to finance, build and maintain large warehouses that do little more than drain the resources of your company. Working with a “One to Show and One to Go” philosophy generates far more cash flow and profitability than putting all of your capital into “the most expensive showroom your customer never sees!”
Minimize your inventory requirements, InnoMax can easily "Drop Ship" your orders directly to your customer's door!
Established in 1975, InnoMax® has passed the test of time and has acquired the frontline experience essential to assist retailers in today's marketplace.
No Large Minimum Orders mean you can prosper with fast turning, small inventories which are the key to a successful retailer. Nobody ever made money sitting on merchandise that doesn’t move, no matter how low your initial product cost.
Effective advertising assistance and strong point of purchase materials are only the tip of the iceberg in our innovative approach to Partnership Marketing. We are driven to provide you with the tools to be more profitability while providing your customer with the highest value for the dollar spent!
Our innovative programs drive your sales and profits! Looking for ways to drive more traffic into your store? Interested in building loyalty by offering rewards to your valuable customers? Want to increase the profitability of your web site… by adding some eye-catching graphics? Then let InnoMax provide you with the effective tools and assistance to increase more traffic, more sales and especially more profit for you! Make these advertising tools part of your selling program today:

Because Your Success Is Our Success... Please Let Us Know If We Can Provide You With Any Of Our Impactful In-Store Marketing Materials You See Below:

• Customized Point-of-Purchase Materials • Eye Catching, Informational Posters & Banners
• Web Graphics • Mini Product Samples, Cut-Aways etc.
• Product & Informational Handouts • Radio Scripts and Newspaper Ad Layouts
• Laser Alignment Technology Tools

• Sales Training Support

• Print Ad Layouts and Graphics • Just To Name A Few!!

INNOMAX = max•i•mum/in•no•va•tion (maximum-innovation):
1a: The greatest quantity or value attainable or attained. b: The period of highest, greatest, or utmost development. 2a: The introduction of
something new. b: a new idea, method, or device.