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Troubleshooting Tips For Digital Air Sleep Systems

DIGITAL AIR INFLATORS: Note - Only one control operates at a time.
  • The Digital Air Sleep System MUST BE acclimated to room temperature for 24 hours prior to attempting to operate. Failure to do this may result in the Digital Air Sleep System not functioning properly.
Inflator Pump Not Powering Up
  • Use of a surge protector is recommended.
  • Make sure the electrical outlet is working and any appropriate light switches are turned on.
  • Make sure the surge protector is plugged in, reset to operate and that the power switch is turned on.
  • Unplug the pump from the power supply & plug it back in allowing the system to reboot.
  • Check the fuse in the back of the pump to see if it is blown.

  • *If pump is still not working properly, contact authorized dealer for replacement.
Dual System Only Fills One Side
  • Unplug the control that is not working and plug it back in making sure it is secure.
  • If no response, switch the controls on the pump and try again.

  • *If there is still no air coming from the non-working port, contact authorized dealer for pump relacement.

    *If air is now coming out of the previously non-working port, and the port that was previously working no longer works, contact authorized dealer for control replacement.
Noise or Vibration Issue
  • A towel placed underneath pump will help to quiet the noise, especially if inflator is placed on wood, tile or linoleum floor.
Control Readout Differs From Time To Time
  • The digital readout on the hand control will vary depending on many external factors such as changes in temperature or exposure to direct sunlight, seasonal room temperature changes, bed temperature changes with or without sleeper, taking the reading while in bed or standing next to the bed.
  • Readings may differ when lying in a different position. For example, the digital readout may differ when laying on your side versus your back or stomach.
  • The digital readout will fluctuate during inflation and/or deflation. Once the button is released, briefly touch button once and the control and inflator will synchronize. The reading will then reflect the realtime pressure setting.
  • Readouts will differ when there is somebody on the bed versus nobody being on the bed. This is due to a difference in pressure on the air chamber when a body is in or out of the bed. To verify realtime readout once you've adjusted bed to your comfort preference and while lying on the bed in your normal sleep position, briefly touch the firm or soft key and the number should now represent a realtime readout on the control.
  • A fair method to evaluate is to check readout after waking from sleep and while still in bed. Then, making no pump adjustments and with similar ambient conditions, check next the day after waking from sleep and while still in bed to verify if there is any significant change in readout.

  • *If a significant number difference (such as 10) is noticed under consistent circumstances, contact authorized dealer for replacement.
Pump Seems To Operate Slow
  • The amount of padding and overall thickness of the top on your mattress will impact the ability to feel rapid changes in air pressure settings. This is normal and is not an issue with the inflator. The support provided by the air chamber and inflator is not compromised by thicker mattress tops, only the corresponding sensation of change is affected.
Inflator Keeps Filling and Won't Stop

Pump Reads High Without Air Chamber Attached

Inflator Runs But No Air Flow Into Air Chamber(s)
  • Contact authorized dealer for replacement pump.

Potential Air Loss In Chamber
  • First, make sure the connection from the pump to the air chamber is secure. For best results, twist the cam ring on the end of the connector clockwise until you can hear and/or feel the click. Only after hearing this click have you created a tight and secure connection.
  • Nominal changes in readout may be caused by cooling of air after filling, temperature changes in general or may be noticed for a week or two after the system has been set up and acclimated.
  • Switch chamber connections to pump (right to left and vice versa) then reinflate to see if the same chamber is losing air.
  • Reinflate air chambers then disconnect air lock connectors from pump to see if chamber holds air.
  • O-Ring on pump connectors may occasionally need to be cleaned or replaced (available at hardware store).

  • *If issue persists, contact authorized dealer for replacement.
Checking For Connector Leaks
  • Check connectors by filling the chamber with air, disconnect the hose from the pump, then submerge the fitting in a glass of water. If bubbles are coming out of the fitting, a small leak is present.

  • *If the connector is leaking, contact authorized dealer for replacement.

Foam Rails Do Not Appear To Be The Correct Size
    *If rails do not fit after verifying slings have been completely unfolded and are being installed right side up, contact authorized dealer for replacement.

To Download Air Bed or Digital Air Inflator Set-Up Instructions - CLICK HERE