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InnoMax Company Profile
InnoMax Company Profile


InnoMax® Corporation, headquartered in Denver, Colorado - is one of the largest Specialty Sleep Manufacturers in the market today! Established during the specialty sleep boom of the 1970's, originally founded in 1975 as Rocky Mountain Inflate-A-Bed, InnoMax is a primary supplier to the $1 Billion plus Air Sleep industry. While sourcing an expansive variety of innovative specialty sleep products worldwide, the bulk of InnoMax's finished goods are produced in North America.

In keeping with their philosophy of vertical integration, InnoMax operates production and distribution facilities on the US - East and West Coasts as well as local retail facilities near their Headquarters in Denver, CO - that function as test marketing venues as well as dealer training centers.

InnoMax produces components such as Digital Air Sleep Inflators and Chambers, Fluid Suspension Comfort Modules, Natural Latex Mattresses, Memory-Cell & Memory-Gel Mattresses, InnoCoil Mattresses, State-Of-The-Art Temperature Control Systems and a variety of other specialty sleep components for Brand Name mattress manufacturers in both domestic and international markets. InnoMax also produces the specialty sleep product lines, to name a few: Luxury Support®, Comfort Craft®, Genesis®, Sanctuary™, Natural Reserve™, Convert-A-Bed® and The Linen Resource™ (full line of pillows and top of bed accessories).

From their full distribution facilities in Colorado and Florida, and limited line distribution facilities in California and Wisconsin - InnoMax provides their dealers with a "One-Stop" source for all their specialty sleep needs. In addition to Air Sleep, Fluid Suspension, Coil, Memory-Cell® and Latex Support mattresses, InnoMax supplies Sheets, Bedding, Bedroom Furniture and a large selection of unique specialty sleep products to some of the worlds largest retailers; the InnoMax dealer network has been on the leading edge by introducing the latest in innovative specialty sleep products to the U.S. market since 1975. In their never ending quest to provide sleepers with the best rest of their life, InnoMax continues to usher in specialty sleep products that offer their dealers the competitive advantage with unique selling propositions and innovative sleep solutions for consumers.

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InnoMax Mission Statement

We Believe: We sincerely provide a better night's sleep.

We Believe: Our products are of a proven high quality at a fair price, representing the best possible value..

We Believe: In serving our customers in such a manner as to earn their continuing respect, confidence, trust & support - both before and after the sale.

We Believe: We should treat our customers, retailers, suppliers and employee's with human dignity and integrity, observing the highest moral and ethical standards in all aspects of our business.

We Believe: In being a good corporate citizen by contributing to the economic and social well-being of every community in which we operate.

We Believe: In being the most respected company in the industry.

We Believe: If we devote our energies to providing superb products and services, we will succeed in a very competitive marketplace.

We Believe: Integrity is the single most important aspect of both personal and business relationships, and you can be confident your association with InnoMax will be based on mutual respect and trust.

We Believe: Anticipating and responding to the needs and wants of retailers and the end consumers - will keep us on the cutting edge of innovation, comfort, better support and sleep.

That's Our Business & Our Never Ending Mission: InnoMax is driven by a deep sense of pride in our product and an unwavering resposibility to the retailers we supply and the consumers who ultimately purchase our product.