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Roll-N-Tote™ pillows from InnoMax feature a luxurious velcro suede wrap cover to make your pillow portable & convenient!

Now you can recieve the same great comfort you get at home... now when traveling, at the office, camping or wherever you may go!

The patented Roll-N-Tote design allows you to easily roll up your pillow & enclose in a luxurious velcro suede cover - in a few easy steps:

  1. You should have two items to perform the "Roll-N-Tote" operation; a luxurious "Roll-N-Tote" pillow and a suede "Roll-N-Tote" travel flap.

  • Here is the luxurious "Roll-N-Tote" pillow.

  • Here is the suede "Roll-N-Tote" travel flap.

  1. Place suede travel flap on a flat surface with the shiny surface (face of the fabric) down.

  1. Position the flap so that the end with the loop fastener is away from you.

  1. Place your luxurious "Roll-N-Tote" pillow on a flat surface and begin to roll it lengthwise as tightly as possible.

  1. Place the rolled pillow in the center of the flap.

  1. Wrap the end of the flap nearest you around the rolled pillow and then wrap the other end of the flap around the pillow attaching the hook and loop fasteners to one another.

  1. You have ROLLed & now you can TOTE!.