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Tips for Home Delivery

To Help Make Your Home Delivery Go As Quick & Smoothly As Possible, We Recommend These Tips:

  • All walls and walkways in the path of the delivery must be cleared. Remove pictures, mirrors, nails, plants, tables etc. - if needed.

  • Have the set-up area for the new furniture clear of existing furniture.

  • Remove any breakable objects int the delivery area.

  • Lay rugs, blankets or cardboard down to protect wood, tile or light carpeted floors.


  • To help make your home delivery go as smoothly as possible, we need to be sure we can get your delivery to you. Please read/ask yourself the following questions, and if any may be an issue, please let your saleperson know, so they can note it for your delivery.

  • Can our delivery vehicle make it up your driveway? Is there a place where the delivery vehicle can turn around once they reach your house?

  • How steep is your driveway?

  • Are there any hairpin turns that our truck might not be able to maneuver?

  • How wide is your driveway? Are there any branches in the way? Will it be a problem if our truck breaks any branches?

  • Are there any low electrical wires, cables or tree branches near or around your driveway?

  • Is your driveway paved, gravel or dirt? If the driveway is dirt, is there a possibility our truck will get stuck if the drive is muddy? Also, if the drive is muddy, is there a problem if our trucks leave deep tire tracks in your driveway?

  • Are there any narrow bridges, ditches or dips in the road that could pose a problem - due to the weight and length of our truck?

  • Will your driveway be accessible if it has snowed or is snowing? If our truck is unable to make it up your driveway, could you be available with a pickup truck to meet our delivery truck to unload the furniture?