InnoMax has long believed that receiving good quality sleep adds to life. Consistent good sleep helps both the mind & body deal better with life’s tensions. The design & materials used in your mattress could make a difference in the quality of your sleep & therefore in the quality of your life!

Conventional mattresses often use many harmful materials & chemicals that can pose a serious health risk, and due to the well known fact that we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, an estimated 7-10 hours per day – one of the easiest & most important steps a family can make towards living a healthier lifestyle is to make the switch from using a conventional mattress to using a more natural mattress. By making this healthy switch, you and your family can greatly reduce the the number of toxic chemicals you’re exposed to on a daily basis!

The Natural Reserve® Organic Elements Collection™ by InnoMax® was designed & created with the health and eco-conscious person in mind – by building mattresses without dangerous chemicals & toxic substances in order to give yourself and your family a much healthier & safer sleep environment.

We handcraft these mattresses with planet-friendly, renewable materials such as: Natural Latex, 100% Cotton, G.O.T.S. Certified Organic Cotton Ticking Enclosure Material & Backing Fabric, Oeko-Tex® Certified 100% American Wool, PLA (Polylactide Fiber) – Plant Based/Sugar Cane Derived Coil Encasements & Upcycled Springs with Edge Support – all without the use of chemical fire retardants or toxic materials! All these materials are incorporated to provide not only proper support & ultimate comfort but also overall health and safety! Rest assured when you choose a Natural Reserve® Organic Elements Collection™ mattress or topper – you & your family are sleeping on a product that’s great for you as well as the environment!