Bed Wedge™ – Multi-Functional Wedge Pillows

The Bed Wedge multi-functional pillow provides the perfect incline to help alleviate night time symptoms of snoring, heartburn and acid reflux – to enhance your night’s sleep. This pillow is also great for reading, watching TV, playing video games or just plain relaxing in bed!


Lay Back Position

  • Elevates the head to reduce the discomfort of acid reflux.
  • Slight incline can reduce snoring & effects of sleep apnea.
  • Enhanced comfort & respiratory relief for heart patients.
  • Aids in the reduction of swelling for post-surgery patients.

Upright Position

  • Provides additional pillow support.
  • Great for watching T.V., reading in bed or just plain
  • Eliminates pillow propping or stacking.
  • Perfect for computer use or playing video games.

Positioned At Feet

  • Gentle incline soothes swollen feet.
  • Can be used to elevate the feet for improved blood flow.
  • Positions body to remove fatigue & lower back pressure.
  • Improves sleeping comfort.

General Information

  • Breathable cotton/poly blended cover is removable
    for ease of cleaning.
  • Specially formulated material is designed for
    enhanced durability.
  • Place between mattress & foundation or on top of
    bed. Use in pairs (or more) for maximum
  • Crafted with pride in the USA.

Sizes Available

Bed Wedge 7.5″ Pillow (23″h x 23″w x 7.5″d)

Bed Wedge 10″ Pillow (23″h x 23″w x 10″d)

Bed Wedge 12″ Pillow (23″h x 23″w x 12″d)


1 Year Full Warranty.


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