Cashmere™ 13″ Mattress – Softside Fluid Support

Get the comfort and proper support you deserve with the Luxury Support Cashmere mattress by InnoMax! Featuring the latest in sleep technology with a gorgeous sky blue, PetMe™ Cashmere, Euro style pillow top, that is breathable to promote a temperature neutral sleep experience and has the incredibly comfortable feel of Cashmere! The easily accessible, removable advanced Smart Pillow Top features body contouring, pressure relieving Memory-Cell® support. The mattress also features multi-zoned support grid support, a super soft contouring comfort layer, a 5-zone anatomic support layer, Softside Fluid Support Chambers or Tubes, Memory Weave wrapped Power Edge Support and beautiful shimmering grey/black slate side panels!


  • Gorgeous sky blue, PetMe™ Cashmere, Euro style pillow top: This top cover material is breathable and promotes a temperature neutral sleep experience, zoned for proper body support and has the incredibly comfortable feel of Cashmere.
  • Pillow Flex: New age material has a contouring plush feel of fiber while resisting the body impressions associated with fiber.
  • Advanced Smart Pillow Top: Easily accessible, removable, refluffable and refreshable.
  • Contouring temperature activated Memory-Cell® comfort layer: Temperature responsive space-age material contours to the body for even weight distribution to eliminate pressure points.
  • Posturized multi-zoned support grid: Optimizes support physics and provides separately designed zones for head-to-toe comfort.
  • Super soft contouring comfort layer: Contours to the body for even weight distribution to eliminate pressure points.
  • Exclusive moisture barrier backing: Protects internal components for long trouble free life and a healthier sleep environment.
  • 5-zone Anatomic 1” support layer: Manufactured with extra-thick, high-density polyurethane. Formed with a unique combination of 5 distinctive zones to reduce stress on the pressure points and provide customized support for your entire body.
  • Softside Fluid Support Chamber(s) or Cylinder Tubes: Choose from a great line-up of Softside Fluid Support Chambers – everything from free flow full motion designs to multi-layered ultra support super waveless designs. 5 designs to choose from!  Or choose between our free flow full motion Cylinder Tubes or our Waveless Cylinder Tubes. (Please see side tab for more information).
  • Memory Weave wrapped Power Edge support: Edge support offering comfort and support whether sitting on the side or lying on the mattress. The Memory Weave provides our Power Edge with a “no bow” design increasing the durability & longevity by not allowing oxidation of the foam.
  • Shimmering grey/black slate side panels: Beautifully quilted and finely tailored with contrasting basalt grey threading and accent faux straps – offer classic style and traditional looks with a very modern feel.
  • Double self mending zipper: Maximizes a mattresses accessibility and durability. If a zipper separates, just re-zip to repair.
  • Fully Assembled Foundation: Both K & Q are split for additional strength, stability & convenience when moving.
  • This Is A Convert-A-Bed® Capable Sleep System: Please see side tab for more information.

Sizes Available

C/King (13″H x 72″W x 84″L)

E/King (13″H x 76″W x 80″L)

Queen (13″H x 60″W x 80″L)

Twin-XL (13″H x 38″W x 80″L )


25 Year Limited Warranty.

Softside Fluid Support Chamber & Tube Options

100 Series Watermattress100 Series Watermattress 200 Series Watermattress200 Series Watermattress 700 Series Watermattress700 Series Watermattress
1000 Series Watermattress1000 Series Watermattress 1000 Dual Series Watermattress1000 Dual Watermattress Free Flow Cylinder TubesFree Flow Cylinder Tubes
Waveless Cylinder TubesWaveless Cylinder Tubes

Softside Fluid Support Heater Options

Low Watt Thermal Guardian Quantum HeaterLow Watt Quantum Heater Low Watt Thermal Guardian Touch Temp HeaterLow Watt Touch Temp Heater

This Is A Convert-A-Bed® Sleep System

Convert-A-Bed® Allows you the freedom of choice! The Convert-A-Bed® design allows you to change your support type when you want! If at a later date, your sleep needs and desires change – the design of this mattress allows you to switch out it’s original support type. The mattress inner support components are easily accessible and interchangeable. You can choose from: Air, InnoCoil™, Fluid, Latex and Memory-Cell® support.


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