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DuraFlex™ Ripstop Fabric™ strength protects the ForeverAire™ mattress from everyday abuses like punctures. Abrasion resistant enclosure prevents punctures and perforations otherwise easily caused in unreinforced vinyl. Stretch resistant laminate prevents the pressure loss common with plain vinyl air mattresses that stretch overnight. Hygienically advanced antibacterial and odor resistant enclosure material is washable and hypoallergenic. DuraFlex™ Ripstop Fabric™ technology protects the ForeverAire™ mattress from mold & mildew. Patented auto shut off pump customized comfort, automatically shuts off upon reaching selected firmness level. Patented Silent Night Comfort Adjust™ backup pump automatically maintains air pressure in the event of a minor deflation. Customized pressure inflation pump features adjustable firmness control. Accurate firmness control constantly reads pressure to maintain firmness.



  • DuraFlex™ Ripstop Fabric™ Strength: Protects The ForeverAire™ Mattress From Everyday Abuses Like Punctures.
  • Abrasion Resistant Enclosure: Prevents Punctures and Perforations Otherwise Easily Caused In Unreinforced Vinyl.
  • Stretch Resistant Laminate: Prevents The Pressure Loss Common With Plain Vinyl Air Mattresses That Stretch Overnight.
  • Hygienically Advanced: Antibacterial and Odor Resistant Enclosure Material Is Washable and Hypoallergenic.
  • DuraFlex™ Ripstop Fabric™ Technology: Protects The ForeverAire™ Mattress From Mold & Mildew.
  • Patented Auto Shut Off Pump: Customized Comfort, Automatically Shuts Off Upon Reaching Selected Firmness Level.
  • Patented Silent Night Comfort Adjust™ Backup Pump: Automatically Maintains Air Pressure In The Event Of A Minor Deflation.
  • Customized Pressure Inflation: The ForeverAire™ Mattress Pump Features Adjustable Firmness Control.
  • Accurate Firmness Control: The ForeverAire™ Mattress Constantly Reads Pressure To Maintain Firmness.
  • DuraFlex™ Ripstop Fabric™ Softness: While Extremely Durable, The ForeverAire™ Mattress Has A Very Soft Feel.
  • Simple Auto-Off Deflation: The ForeverAire™ Mattress Also Includes Simple Automatic Deflation Control.
  • Fits Standard Size Sheets: The ForeverAire™ Mattresses Are Available In Full & Queen Sizes To Fit Standard Size Sheets.
  • DuraFlex™ Ripstop Fabric™ Comfort: Breathable Fabric Enclosure Provides More Comfort Than Sleeping Directly On PVC Vinyl.
  • Body Contouring I-Beam Design: I-Beam Support and Durability Is Far Superior To Lumpy Unreliable Coil Mattress Designs.
  • 100% Leak Tested: ForeverAire™ Mattresses Are All 100% Leak Tested For Long Trouble Free Life.
  • Travel Bag: Convenient Draw String Travel Bag included.

Sizes Available

Queen (60″W x 78″L x 8″H)

Full (54″W x 74″L x 8″H)

*Sizes May Vary Depending On Inflation Levels


5 Year Limited Warranty.

15 reviews for ForeverAire™ – Premium Guest & Sofa Sleeper Mattress

  1. brown bear

    It was the most comfortable and refreshing sleep I ever had. The secondary pump did not even startup until now. So far it kept the air for at least two weeks. I wish it stays that way for a longer time. I can feel it supports my back very well. I guess my grandchildren stepped or maybe even jumped on it sometimes.

  2. AL- B TheRealReviewer

    Air Mattress works great on pull out sofa.
    The mattress seems to be very sturdy. It really does inflate and deflate in a minute or less. I ordered a full size to put on my pull-out sofa platform. It sits on 2 inch foam, along with the original spring mattress that came with the sofa. After deflation, it still folds away nicely without having to take it off of the bed.

  3. Rusty

    Using it every night for a yr. with no problems. Very comfortable.

  4. Robert

    nice air bed

  5. Tammy H

    This mattress is made of high quality material and is very comfortable to sleep on. It inflates fast to the desired firmness. It stays inflated through the night with the automatic firmness adjustment fearture. When it adds air during the night it is very quiet quiet so it doesn’t disturb while sleeping. Very very satisfied with this product

  6. Kaydeedid-it

    Best air mattress ever so far
    This is by far the best air mattress I have ever bought, and it’s probably the fifth or sixth. My granddaughter uses it on our sofa bed every night in our RV and loves it. I love the fact that you set the firmness and it automatically airs up in less than a minute and shuts off. Also, it is so nice that the pump is built in. You don’t have to try to hold a nozzle or find a handy spot to keep one available every night. It deflates really quickly and completely too.
    This is one of the thickest and most durable air mattress I have ever bought, and we have been using it for about 2 months. Another feature I love is the pump has a silent slow air fill, so if it loses a little air during the night, it airs the mattress to the set firmness without any noise. Of course you have to keep it plugged in to power for this feature. Overall, this had been the best mattress I have ever bought. Just hope it lasts at least a couple of years.

  7. Hoss

    Works very well!
    I have used this mattress half a dozen times. In the mountains, the temperature changes significantly and so does the air pressure in an air mattress. This mattress successfully maintains the comfort level you select. The maintain pump is very quiet; however, I place the mattress where the pump is at your feet which greatly reduces any pump noise. The maintain pump works even if you cover up the air mattress with sheets and blankets. You do have to keep the mattress plugged into a 110 vac power source to maintain the selected pressure. The pressure selector could be a little softer at the lowest setting, but not at all a show stopper. I would buy this mattress again.

  8. Lisa T

    Replacement for RV air mattress. It’s perfect. My husband weighs 230 pounds and he loves it!

  9. Jill

    Purchased this for replacement in my RV sofa bed. Fit perfectly, works great – no leaks yet after one season. Seems very durable.

  10. Madeline

    Fixes the “bar in the back” problem of a sofa bed.
    Purchased this mattress for our RV sofa bed.
    After trying lots of different “tricks” to not feel the bar of the frame through our mattress, we finally found the right solution with this air mattress.
    Other things we tried before buying this, ended up way too thick and it was difficult to stuff back into the couch every morning… this worked beautifully.
    It is an air mattress, so keep in mind you may want a soft topper to put over this to help with pressure points, we use a 2” memory foam -but so far we have had zero problems with this and it inflates/deflates in under a minute! You also can adjust the firmness, I love that you can set your settings, turn on and walk away.
    I was also surprised the sheets stay in place with inflating and deflating… I was a bit worried I would have to constantly adjust the bedding but nope, not a problem!
    I wish we would have found this years ago.

  11. Krystal

    We used this for our pullout couch in our Rockwood camper. We have used it roughly 15 times since purchase and works great.

  12. rovitt3

    Great replacement for original rv air mattress. Auto feature is very nice. It fills to selected firmness and shuts off. When deflating it also shuts off when completed. Very easy to use.

  13. Wayne

    This is probably the finest air mattress I’ve ever owned! Self inflate/deflate is awesome! Automatically air up to preselected firmness settings. Very well constructed of good quality materials and has a storage bag!

  14. Dotty T

    We use an air mattress on our sofa bed in place of the standard issue sofa bed mattress. Have had to replace others over the years, even without heavy use. This is by far the best air mattress we’ve purchased. Seems substantial and expect it will last much longer than others. Our guests are happy too!

  15. Denise F

    I’ve had 2. Each one lasted about 3 or 4 yrs. sleeping on it every night, keeping it inflated 24/7 before it blew a chamber inside. Very comfortable firm bed. It has settings to fill for comfort preference. Tough fabric that never punctured.

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