Morning Star – Deep Fill Coil Mattress (For Hardside Waterbed Wood Frames)

Get the comfort and proper support you deserve with the deep fill Morning Star™ – Coil mattress (designed for hardside waterbed frames) by InnoMax®! Featuring the latest in sleep technology with a beautifully designed, super soft, breathable cover.


  • Luxura Fabric (Culp Gamboa) Pillow Top Cover Material: Beautiful top cover material is incredibly soft and resilient.
  • F.R. Compliant Fiber Material: This fire retardant material meets and exceeds Consumer Products Safety Commission Standards – for your health, safety and well-being.
  • .75″ Active Support Comfort Layer: Progressive support mid-layer reduces stress on the pressure points and provides interactive full body support and proper spinal alignment.
  • .5″ Foam Comfort Layer: Progressive support mid-layer for full body cushioning support and proper spinal alignment.
  • 1.625″ Convolute Foam Comfort Layer: This extra-thick, high-density polyurethane, convoluted foam reduces stress on the pressure points, provides superior weight distribution and provides proper support for the entire body.
  • Insulator Pad Layer: This specially designed pad is placed over the VertiCoil® unit to: Prevent top comfort layers from cupping down into the innersprings. Prevent layers above from moving/shifting. Prevent any stray wires from poking through into any of the layers above it.
  • VertiCoil Edge™ – Open Offset Alternating Coil Innersprings: The edge over the industry standard! The Verticoil Edge™ offset coil design provides a 35% increase in surface area coverage versus other traditional, value-priced innerspring systems. More surface coverage results in an increased ability to react and conform to the individual contours of each person’s body. This helps to reduce stress on the pressure points as well as provide full body support and proper spinal alignment. The engineered shape and design of the coils will ensure years of lasting comfort and support. The VertiCoil Edge™ also has 18% more coils than the industry standard – a higher count means more support for your body! The VertiCoil Edge™ is made from upcycled steel – great for the environment!
  • The VertiCoil Edge™ also features Foam Power Edge support, which ensures the mattress retains it’s shape and also helps provide long lasting, edge-to-edge comfort and support across the entire mattress.The VertiCoil Edge™ features Active Support Technology™, to allow your muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position. The coils adjust instantly to your sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body actively as you get a great night of sleep.
  • Top Enclosure: Encases all the internal components while adding style & beauty in your bedroom. Wrapped in beautiful, durable material.

Sizes Available



Super Single


20 Year Limited Warranty.


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