Positional Contour Pillow – Natural Micro-Cushion™ Latex (Contoured For Back & Side Sleepers)

Experience exceptional support and comfort with the Positional Contour Pillow available in either 100% Natural Micro-Cushion™ Latex or Angel Silk down like fiber fill by InnoMax.
Luxury Support Pillows Comfort


  • Promotes Proper Head & Body Alignment To Reduce Snoring.
  • Contoured Design Built For Side & Back Sleepers For Ideal Spinal Alignment.
  • Breathable 100% Organic Cotton Stretch Knit Cover.
  • “Stay Cool” Sleep Design Conducts Away Heat For A Better Night’s Rest.
  • Assists To Reduce Pressure & Enhance Shoulder Comfort.
  • Superior Neck, Back & Limb Support Design.
  • Utilizes Standard Pillowcases.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Made With Pride In U.S.A., Colorado.
  • Health Smart Design Improves Sleeping Posture.
  • Generously Filled Plush Feel.
  • Available In 100% Natural Micro-Cushion™ Latex Or Angel Silk Down Like Fiber Fill.

Sizes Available

Premium Size (17″h x 29″w)

Pillow Fill Options

Option 1: 100% Natural Micro-Cushion™ Latex.

Option 2: Angel Silk Down Like Fiber Fill (Click To View).

Positional Pillow Information Video


1 Year Limited Warranty.


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