Quantum Full Watt Heater (US and European Models Available)

(49 customer reviews)

Thermal Guardian heaters feature meticulous construction, innovative technology, unequalled safety, energy efficient designs, accurate temperature readings & adjustments and is the only heater still produced in North America!


  • Hardside waterbed heater 300 Watt.
  • Meticulous construction, innovative technology & unequalled safety!
  • The industries safest heater pad and control design.
  • Approximately 32 individual comfort settings.
  • Solid state control with light.
  • Fully encased thermostat.
  • Independently replaceable heater pad and control.
  • Let’s your mattress & liner go the distance with even
    heat distribution.
  • Greater accuracy and longer lasting construction than competitors.
  • High-tech analog readout in degrees fahrenheit.
  • We have the longest warranties in the business.
  • High-tech modular design.
  • Senses temperature with sophisticated computer chip.
  • State-of-the-art ultra-sensitive electronic control that holds the temperature to + or – 1/8 degree set point. Insures consistent & accurate temperature sensing and readout.


5 Year Limited Warranty

Thermal Guardian® Hardside Heater Assembly Video

49 reviews for Quantum Full Watt Heater (US and European Models Available)

  1. Louiselles

    Since we were sleeping on our water bed with no heat, it was a relief to get this new heater installed and enjoy a warm bed. It works as expected and we are pleased to give this five star review and recommend it to others.

  2. Blaze

    The heater arrived sooner than I expected. Our heater thermostat was bouncing the temperature up and down, so we were thrilled when the new heater arrived. It took us most of the day, as it always does, but got the water out, the new heater installed and the water back in. It was nice and warm by bedtime and the temperature has stayed stable ever since. It is actually the exact same heater we had last time. The last one lasted about 10 years so we hope this one will last just as long. Would recommend the heater.

  3. Scabs304

    Took less than 2 days to warm up my queen size bed. Very impressed at how precise it is with the temperature too.

  4. W91032

    I received the waterbed heater sooner than I expected. It was exactly what I needed. I was surprised to find it as not too many places carry items for the old fashioned water beds

  5. F. Elaine

    Was easy to set bed up with this under liner. Bed was warm by next morning. Had temp setting too high for me so was too warm but turned down and found perfect setting. This product is awesome.

  6. M. Siemienski

    Works perfectly for our waterbed.

  7. L Moore

    You don’t realize your old heater wasn’t workin unitl you purchase a new one. What a relief, and I don’t know why I waited so long. Comfort and peaceful sleeping.

  8. Sid

    So far it has exceeded expectations. I had to replace my waterbed mattress in the winter, which meant the water was very cold. It heated it up quickly and seems to be keeping a steady temp. I can’t report on durability yet. Will update if needed.

  9. CM

    as expected

  10. Fred E.

    Just as advertised….very easy to install under our bladder…..

  11. Arlen H

    Just what I hoped for.

  12. C. Archer

    I have had my water bed for over 40 years and needed a new heater. The InnoMax has been great so far.

  13. CLBeckmann

    It works great and the price was excellent.

  14. T Davis, Sr.

    Works great – easy to install and set up – keeps temperature accurately.

  15. Sandy

    So far, so great, Like all waterbed heaters it is not easy to install, We always have to Drain the bed. As of this review, it is working fine and we don’t think that will change, at least, hope not, since we are heading into colder weather.

  16. A. Baumann

    a heater is a heater 🙂 as long as it heats its good

  17. Jessie H

    Works like a champ, just set it and forget it. I was leary that it wouldnt heat the whole waterbed but it does and well.

  18. Judith B.

    My first InnoMax lasted about 10 years, so I had no qualms about ordering another one. It does take a few days to get to the right temperature , but it works like a charm.

  19. L. Wenzler

    Very good

  20. Customer

    It is what it is billed to be: a waterbed heater. Works fine. What else can I say?

  21. oldtimerocnrol

    great price and works well

  22. Naynae

    Installed today and it was easy looking forward to the warm nights…. prompt delivery too

  23. Eric

    Works good, much more accurate than electric blanket.

  24. Customer

    Great heater. Works well. Great value. Thanks.

  25. Mr. C

    Have had it for a couple of months and seems to be working OK. Time will tell if it is as good or better than the other reviews. But for now I am happy with the purchase. If it tanks, I will update the review

  26. T. V. Shaffery

    Very Happy!

  27. Cindy L

    Bought to replace a 30 yr old heater. Works great, hope it lasts like the former.

  28. B Fenix

    Easy installation. Warmed my waterbed right up. Just a few hours to get to nice temperature.

  29. Paul G


  30. Glenn H

    Good Product, good price, on time.

  31. Big Bill

    Product as stated works great

  32. Guy S

    it works as advertised. What more can I say

  33. micsen

    Replaced the old one with this hard to find heater and it works fine! We will know more come winter!

  34. Alyson

    Perfect replacement. Our old heater suddenly gave out and we needed a replacement right away. This worked perfectly and brought our bed back up to temp within just a few days, it was warm after a day but I will say it took a good 3 days to get up to full temperature. This is a great price and exactly what we needed

  35. LQ

    We’ve had it about 6 months now, still working fine.

  36. grayghost

    ok item fair price

  37. Dennis R

    Ordered with our waveless mattress. So far provides perfect heating.

  38. Don R

    Good product.

  39. Kenneth S

    Assuming it lasts, it is a good product. It looks well made, but time will tell. IF there are any issues with durability, I will come back and post results.

  40. B. Glasgow

    Works well. Harder to read the numbers than I had expected. The dial is semi opaque with a back lit LED. Once set it maintains proper temperature well.

  41. Robin W

    works fine on my king water bed very good temp control

  42. Matt T

    Took awhile to heat up…got nervous….but works great…heater light is a little hard to see….I put a price of red tape where I like the temp….dim light is ok with me…I like bedroom really dark.

  43. JP

    This is a replacement for an older unit and once I got the bed emptied, it was easy to install and setup. Couple of days at the most and the bed was at temp. Glad I found it on line because water bed items are getting harder to find, very few places carry them.

  44. Chadima F.

    Nice and wamr bed now

  45. Trish

    Our waterbed developed a leak and we had to replace the bladder. Since we had to dismantle the bed anyway, we wanted a new heater. This is a direct replacement for the old heater and works great!

  46. P. Porter

    SATISFIED CUSTOMER. Heater components appear to be of good quality and construction. These new solid state heaters have a larger heating pad to better distribute the heat into the mattress which is an improvement in the design. When our bed didn’t heat up as quickly as we thought it should, we almost panicked but instead viewed the Innomax heater installation instructions on YouTube to better understand controller/heater operation. Since the heating indicator light was working, we decided to wait and the bed temperature finally reached desired operating temperature in about 4 days which is what we had determined from reading Internet posts. We initially used hot water to fill the bed but when the hot water ran out, we continued to fill with ambient temperature water which is why it took longer to heat up.

  47. maryalice

    This replaced our 40 yr old waterbed heater and we turned it all the way up – like the old one. Getting into bed the first night was like getting into a hot tub. Had to turn it to 1/2 way and wait 2 days for the bed to cool off.

  48. Mike

    Nicely made. Seems study and I like the modular assembly of the probe. I can place the probe far enough away from the heater to ensure I am getting an even temp reading of the mattress.

  49. CD

    heater went out on waterbed, replaced with same model we had, good price and very quick shipping. previous one lasted about 6-7 yrs which is beyond warranty but not as long as the heater before that. probably because my wife has it warmer than ever before.

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