Touch Temp Full Watt Digital Heater (Only US Models Available)

(60 customer reviews)

Thermal Guardian heaters feature meticulous construction, innovative technology, unequalled safety, energy efficient designs, accurate temperature readings & adjustments and is the only heater still produced in North America!


  • Hardside waterbed heater 300 Watt.
  • Meticulous construction, innovative technology & unequalled safety!
  • The industries safest heater pad and control design.
  • Approximately 32 individual comfort settings.
  • High contrast red/black illuminated interface.
  • Fully encased thermostat.
  • Independently replaceable heater pad and control.
  • Let’s your mattress & liner go the distance with even heat distribution.
  • Greater accuracy and longer lasting construction than competitors.
  • High-tech digital readout in degrees fahrenheit.
  • We have the longest warranties in the business.
  • High-tech modular design.
  • Senses temperature with sophisticated computer chip.
  • State-of-the-art ultra-sensitive electronic control that holds the temperature to + or – 1/8 degree set point. Insures consistent & accurate temperature sensing and readout.


5 Year Limited Warranty

Thermal Guardian® Hardside Heater Assembly Video

60 reviews for Touch Temp Full Watt Digital Heater (Only US Models Available)

  1. Ramona

    Five Stars. Works great, steady temps. Easy to install

  2. TheCoasties

    Had to replace a heater that died, and this is our second InnoMax.

    Had the bed warm in no time – elegant design – easy to install.

    Not much else to write except we are super happy with this product.

  3. Lisa A

    Can’t say enough good about this one. Fantastic heater – our old heater failed after 10 years and we chose this as a replacement. Heated up the bed super fast and very accurate on temperature. My only problem is keeping my husband away from the temp control – if he turns it up over 80 I sweat all night long!

  4. H. Maier II

    it works great on my California King waterbed and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a waterbed heater

  5. Customer

    These folk delivered fast. We had just moved and our new post man would not deliver to us for some strange reason, but this company worked with us to get their product. Thank you! We have not had any issues with this product. I have had a waterbed for over 30 years. Thus, I know what is good. This is a lovely digital.

  6. Ed S.

    Love the display. My previous heaters have all been analog (with a temperature control dial) instead of a digital display with buttons to control settings and had a light that was barely visible to indicate that the heater was working.

    Does this heater work better than those? No – but it sure is easier to use. The display is so much easier to read than the tiny numbers on the dial. It also flashes to indicate that it is heating. In my mind, the digital display is well worth a few extra dollars.

  7. Deborah

    It’s a good heater but the temperature reading blinks anytime there’s a fluctuation in the temperature of the bed which gets a little annoying at night since we like a cold room but a warm bed. Still better having a digital readout than the normal round dials that are so hit-and-miss on the temp.

  8. jerry

    So far so good, I have a queen waterbed, did not take that long to heat, worked good.

  9. Bill B.


  10. Russ of Texas

    One month review, works good on a Cali king full fiber bed. I do live in south Texas but keeps it just right. Excellent display, no more guessing if one of the kids touched the controls…

  11. Randall J. B

    We have had a water bed for 35 years and this is the best heater ever.

  12. J. Bryan

    Works well. The old water bed heater had a rotatory knob and the temperature was hard to set precisely. This works well and is easy to set and maintain a constant temperature. No issues after several months of use.

  13. A & M Rodley

    Loved it, it was easy to read & install. It was great to be able to watch the temp going up. It took 4 days to heat the bed up to full temp, but was able to sleep on it after 2 full days of heating

  14. Sara A.

    Up and running for two months now, works perfectly.

  15. Tom W

    Very timely delivery and product met all expectations.

  16. J Rowland

    Great Product. My waterbed is nice and toasty and the temperature readout is great. Controller is very easy to work as well.

  17. Tammylee

    So far, this has been a great thermostat and heater. We are enjoying the accuracy and efficiency of this product. It heats very quickly compared to the old one!

  18. M. Busse

    Easy peasy! The unit came well packed & delivered as promised. After following the instructions to un-roll it, I laid it out on the frame, hooked it up, screwed the control unit onto the frame, and waited for it to reach temperature. Easy peasy!! It seems to be controlling the temperature just as expected.

  19. L. Kraft 34

    Works well. I’ve had this brand of waterbed heater before and like it.

  20. bgbsn

    Good Heater. Working great. I just purchased a new mattress a few weeks ago and it heated it up quickly. Very happy with this so far.

  21. KatHax

    Best waterbed heater! I love this waterbed heater. It works better than any heater I’ve had in the last 12 years. Love that the directions are so easy to follow on placement of heating pad and thermostat. Actually heated to full temp within 18 hours. Easy to adjust temp. Easy to read red digital numbers. I own a twin size hard side waterbed.

  22. Carolyn

    This heater is working well and we LOVE the large digital thermostat display. The large digital thermostat is what sold this heater to us.

  23. Hatch

    Digital is the way to go. Like the fact I know exactly what temp my bed is, no guessing if the heater is actually working. Smaller and longer cord which was also a nice feature than my old one

  24. Jenni

    Fast shipping. Easy to install. Working great so far.

  25. William J. W

    It is what I needed and it works

  26. Maureen B

    Worked so well I had to turn it off! Really no need for a heater in south Florida!

  27. Tracey

    Arrived very timely, not sure if is working properly, we had to dial it back because it was too hot

  28. Lisa

    This is the only heater I use with my water bed. It works wonderful.

  29. 2thePoint

    Five Stars Excellent!

  30. G. Parcelluzzi

    Purchased in February, 2015. We have been sleeping on our waterbed since 1972 (no that’s not a typo, same waterbed for 44 years). This is without a doubt the best heater we’ve ever owned. No guess work, precise temperature (we measure it with a heat sensor gun). You won’t go wrong!

  31. Gina M

    Good replacement thermostat. We have a king size bed and this heater has been performing well so far. We have been using it for a month.

  32. Bud

    Good to have a warm bed once more

  33. Clay A. G.

    Easy to install and operate, works well, large easy to read LED temperature readout.

  34. Rockazon

    great product

  35. Marianne J

    Very happy with my new heater love the digital thermostat now I can see the temperature setting at one glance.

  36. Customer

    easy to use with a large readout of the temperature

  37. SunFlower

    Had it for a couple or few months now and it seems to work well. Love the digital temp, it’s very easy to read and the buttons work easy also.

  38. William S

    Warm bed excellent Product.. works fantastic. I have had waterbeds most of my life and this heater heat the bed thoroughly. .

  39. Bill

    better than the orginal, can tell when it is heating and when it is standing by. Used for over a year now, no problem

  40. Customer

    fast and no hassle delivery, direct replacement of what I had, no issues. Great!

  41. Tom W

    Works Great. Works as promised. This is the second time we have used this item.

  42. Sawdustmaker

    Well worth the buy great heater

  43. Shirley

    So far so good on the heater it’s really nice to look on the control and to be able to actually see what the temperature is

  44. 65Cat

    Absolutely no problems with installation or operation. Unlike my old heater I can’t hear this unit at all, and it is keeping the temperature very consistent. This is being used on a fiber filled king bed and it is working excellent.

  45. jlf2396

    Had this same brand and style heater for approximately seven (7) to ten (10) years until it quit. Heat adjustments easy and accurate. Tried the reboot suggested by others online without success. Lasted longer than average according to online comments posted by persons using various brands and styles of heaters. If a brand functions well we will stay with that brand. Have had a waterbed since the mid 1970’s and to my recollection have only replaced heaters approximately four (4) times. Would recommend this INNOMAX Thermal Guardian Touch Temp Solid State Waterbed Heater, Full Watt to everyone.

  46. Ne-ne

    Keeps temp nicely. So far the two for our bed are working nicely and keeping the bed nice and warm. Love the digital controller so far, making it easy to know what temp the bed is set at

  47. Mark H

    Easy to use. Works great

  48. J. Falcone

    Good warranty. Great products

  49. J Carroll

    Good product. works great

  50. S.Y. Heller

    Nice quality and thickness, heats quickly. Very nice heater. I like the digital display so you know exactly what temperature you are setting it for. I don’t like the constant blinking numbers whenever it kicks on as a steady light like the older heaters would suffice but that doesn’t effect the quality. Warmed the neely filled with cold water queen bed in just a few days and keeps it nice and toasty.

  51. rgd

    Still working after 1 year – I like it Works as expected

  52. Beverly G

    A great waterbed heater. Water bed heater heats great and easy to control

  53. Eric O

    Old one just stopped working this replacement worked right out of the box

  54. S O.Morris

    I like it. Sure does heat great. No complaints

  55. Rufus D

    Get the job done Working well

  56. Joshua

    Worked great

  57. D M. Chickilly

    way better than original unit easy to adjust temp, and seems to be accurate

  58. Tom

    Easy to install. Perfect!!

  59. Myron

    Excellent value. Works great, warmed up a bed filled with cold water within 24 hours.

  60. Randy

    Looking forward to winter. Everything is good about this heater, which is basically the same as all others except it is digital, which I like. Yes it is easy to install (unless you are replacing an old one. Waterbeds are very heavy, even in the corners. Be sure you leave adequate cord length on the outside so you can put your adjustment in a convenient place.

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