Genesis™ 800 DX Watermattress

(26 customer reviews)

The controlled heated waterbed allows the body weight to be distributed more evenly over the surface. This eliminates pressure on various parts of the body, the shoulders, small of back, hip, tail bone and heels. Circulation is improved. The motion and warmth of the bed helps a person to relax, improve his/her comfort levels and helps in producing better sleeping habits.


  • 10 Layer Total Mid-Body Support System.
  • 24 Mil Premium Aqua Marine Vinyl.
  • Molded Conch Shell Design Top with Phase II Air Release Valve.
  • L-Seam Construction with Recessed Black Bottom.
  • 4-Way Hook & Eyelet Tethered Support System.
  • Multi-Laminate Dual Color Molded Reinforced Corners.
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty.

Sizes Available

King (72″ x 84″)

Queen (60″ x 84″)


20 Year Extended Limited Warranty

26 reviews for Genesis™ 800 DX Watermattress

  1. FB

    We ordered this mattress to replace a 20+ year old waterbed mattress. This one is great. It molds to you but still has enough support for your back. There is only a small amount of motion when someone gets into or out of the bed.

  2. Paratrooper3506

    Had a full wave for 30 years, This is a very good mattress for support and not disturbing your better half.

  3. Javier P

    I can’t really say enough good things about it. Had it for about a month and a ½ It’s nice that me and my wife have our own temperature and firmness setting. it’s nice being able to get out of bed without waking my wife up.

  4. Hunter

    Awesome mattress. What a great mattress had a full motion mattress before so there was a little bit of getting used to but have not suffered one minute sleep should have switched out years ago

  5. Dr Dale

    Virtually motionless, very good quality.

  6. dm45

    Works great – very little movement, yet you know it is a waterbed. After 40 years on a full motion bed, this is a great change!!

  7. Ted T

    Comfortable and seems very durable. Good buy.

  8. Sam

    Love it very easy to fill and to let the air out

  9. P.J.

    Pretty nice. it suits me and I’m sleeping fine on it.

  10. KC

    Works great for our frame and wife is very happy!

  11. JHedman

    Love the waterbed. Slight chemical smell is dissipating slowly.

  12. Amy B

    Best mattress we’ve had! I’ve had a waterbed for over 30 years, and while this is only my third mattress- it is amazing! It is so comfortable. We filled it and used it the first day- with none of the usual add a little/remove a little water to get it to the right level. This mattress was perfect from day one. It seems very well made- thick, pliable material. It is essentially waveless – we have a king size and I barely even feel it when my husband gets in or out of bed. Would recommend this mattress. Best we’ve had.

  13. Chris D

    I waited several months before writing this review. Bar none, best I’ve slept in well over 20 years. Not much else to say. Make sure you fill it up enough is the only caveat.

  14. Leslie W

    Comfortable!!!! I was hesitant at first, but it grew on me! It is really nice, and when your spouse moves, its A LITTLE noticeable, but not too bad. I really enjoy the bed.

  15. Redwing

    I love the mattress. This is not the top of the line, so I assumed it was semi-waveless, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s totally waveless, I over-filled it some because there were still wrinkles in the mattress, but I think there are supposed to be some slack to take the contours of the body. Still, I love the mattress. Fit perfectly and I like the two fill spouts (or burping spouts), one on each side of the bed.

  16. no more counting sheep

    fast easy set up

  17. Harold M

    We love it. My wife and I have slept on a waterbed mattress since 1979. We have had a lot of different types and brands of mattresses but none compares to this one. It was extremely comfortable. I honestly can’t say enough good about it. This was also our first completely waveless model and we love that too. If you have slept on a waterbed for years or just looking to try one for the first time, I highly recommend this mattress.

  18. Jarrod H

    Most comfortable bed i’ve ever slept on. I’ve always had water beds over the years and this one is definitely the highest quality and most comfortable. I got the California King.

  19. Dave T

    Great Mattres. Been sleeping on waterbeds for 35 years. The wave action (or lack thereof) is perfect. Amazed that more people haven’t figured out how good these things are. Can’t comment on durability but we’re almost 2 years in with no issues.

  20. wendy

    Love it. Just what I ordered

  21. Geri B

    very comfortable and soft

  22. James R

    we followed directions and we also put it in a pillow top that zips in to a liner. my wifes side does not move when i lay down. ive had waterbeds since the 70’s and thi is the best ever had.

  23. John

    Great comfort, well made, good value . Great product at a reasonable price, delivered in two days! Filled up well and did not have a lot of air bubbles to work out. Great sleep the first night. We have had waterbeds for over 30 years, and this one of is the most well made and comfortable.

  24. Joe

    Well made. We have had it set up for a month, fit the standard frame perfect. We replaced the old semi-waveless that was around 10 years old. We are happy with this mattress. Seems to be constructed well.

  25. Deborah R

    doesn’t wave around when you get into bed.I like this feature.Well worth the money.This is my 3rd mattress, and the best so far.

  26. Steve

    Comfortable with little motion is what I like.

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