Genesis™ 900 DXF Watermattress

(8 customer reviews)

The controlled heated waterbed allows the body weight to be distributed more evenly over the surface. This eliminates pressure on various parts of the body, the shoulders, small of back, hip, tail bone and heels. Circulation is improved. The motion and warmth of the bed helps a person to relax, improve his/her comfort levels and helps in producing better sleeping habits.


  • 12 Layer Total Mid-Body Support System.
  • 24 Mil Premium Aqua Marine Vinyl.
  • Molded Conch Shell Design Top with Phase II Air Release Valve.
  • L-Seam Construction with Recessed Black Bottom.
  • 4-Way Hook & Eyelet Tethered Support System.
  • Multi-Laminate Dual Color Molded Reinforced Corners.
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty.

Sizes Available

King (72″ x 84″)

Queen (60″ x 84″)


20 Year Extended Limited Warranty

8 reviews for Genesis™ 900 DXF Watermattress

  1. McKie Jr

    This is the best waterbed ever (my 3rd) I thought I had it just right when I set it up, but my tests were with just me, and when you added my wife to the equation it was a little firm, so drained a little water out and now it is perfect. I the past I only had certain positions that I could find sleep, now it doesn’t matter. Whatever position it just melts around and supports you. And on cold Colorado nights it’s like crawling back in the womb, the sheets are warm and the bed is just right. Not everybody is a waterbed person, but I would recommend this waterbed to anyone. In addition the electric water pump is the only way to fly.

  2. rockinjoe

    So far so good bed is very comfortable is truly waveless takes a couple days after filling to get full effect my wife loves this bed.

  3. Hubby

    10 stars out of 5. I asked my wife how many stars of 5 she would rate this and she said 10 if she could. We’ve used a baffle water mattress for 30 years now and it’s the best of the several we have owned.

  4. Matt A

    I wanted to wait a few months before leaving a review. This mattress has been a blessing. It took a couple of days after filling it up for the stuff inside to swell up and do its thing. My wife and I have been sleeping on this mattress for almost six months and have loved every night of it. No leaks, well constructed, has two ports to fill/burp from. If you want a nice firm almost motionless waterbed mattress this is the one to get.

  5. Katrinka

    This is a fantastic product. My wife and I are very happy with it. This is our first waterbed mattress that is as firm as you can get. Normally we stick with 6 or 7 with 9 being the firmest. No problems, no smells.

  6. MellyM

    This mattress is truly an engineering marvel designed to deliver firm comfort and a superior sleep environment. The construction and thickness of the mattress is excellent. My wife and I find our quality of sleep dramatically improved over our old mattress… we look forward to our sleep time. This mattress comes highly recommended and worth the investment.

  7. Seeking Sleep

    Think this is our 3rd mattress over our 38 years of marriage. Best so far, tried one of those air mattresses awhile back, and we are both really pleased to be able to sleep comfortably through the night

  8. Greg G.

    Perfect. This is the best waterbed mattress ever

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