Majestic™ – 10″ Full Depth Flotation Therapy

The pressure relieving Majestic™ mattress with it’s Frame Free Euro design is the ideal choice for the consumer who understands the benefits of a waterbed with it’s temperature controlled fluid support, yet seeks to move toward a more conventional looking mattress. The Frame Free Euro design eliminates hard to enter and exit traditional wood frame (waterbed) designs! Featuring a beautiful, stretch knit pillow top featuring a Tri-Zone cover for maximum pressure relief & comfort, Somni-Cool™ technology, Memory Weave wrapped Power Edge support and shimmering grey/black slate side panels. Select from a complete line of support chambers – most featuring “Total Body Support” for maximum orthopedic spinal alignment. 5 premium watermattress chambers to choose from!


  • Beautiful, Stretch Knit Mid-Profile Pillow Top: Incredibly soft, breathable and zoned for proper full body support. Also features Revive™ Body Impression Resistant material.
  • Somni-Cool™ Technology: This hydrophilic moisture absorbing layer is engineered to increase evaporative performance and to create a cooler sleeping environment.
  • High-Tech Tri-Zone Cover: Provides head-to-toe support and proper alignment for maximum pressure relief and comfort.
  • Active Support Comfort Layer: Incredibly soft and pressure reducing. Contours to the body for even weight distribution.
  • Base Support Layer: Highly resilient, posture progressive base core.
  • Proprietary Moisture Management Layer: Protects internal components and promotes a healthier sleeping environment.
  • Full Fit Contour Liner – For Peace Of Mind: Used to prevent water spillage in the case of a watermattress puncture, leak or separation.
  • Memory-Weave™ Power Edge Wrapped M-Rails: Minimizes oxidation of the foam and reinforces perimeter support for maximum sitting integrity and mattress containment.
  • Shimmering Grey/Black Slate Side Panels: Beautifully quilted and finely tailored with contrasting basalt grey threading.
  • Fully Assembled Foundation: Both King and Queen are split for additional strength, stability and convenience when moving.

Sizes Available

C/King (10″H x 72″W x 84″L)

E/King (10″H x 76″W x 80″L)

Queen (10″H x 60″W x 80″L)

Full (10″H x 54″W x 75″L )

Twin (10″H x 38″W x 75″L )


25 Year Limited Warranty.

Majestic Water Chamber Options

Deep Fill Free Flow Watermattress ChamberDeep Fill Free Flow Watermattress Deep Fill G750 WatermattressDeep Fill G750 Watermattress
Deep Fill G850 WatermattressDeep Fill G850 Watermattress Deep Fill DG850 (Dual) WatermattressDeep Fill DG850 (Dual) Watermattress
Deep Fill G950 WatermattressDeep Fill G950 Watermattress

Softside Fluid Support Heater Options

Low Watt Thermal Guardian Quantum HeaterLow Watt Quantum Heater Low Watt Thermal Guardian Touch Temp HeaterLow Watt Touch Temp Heater


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